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Articles by Krott, Rob
CategoryArticleVolume #Issue #Page #
AFGHANISTANAfghanistan Infantry Weapons 5630
KHYBER PASSInto the Khyber; SAR Goes to Pakistan 4729
MACEDONIAWeapons of Macedonia 7149
MUSEUMHavana's Military Museum 7190
MUSEUMColumbian Military Museum 4430
MUSEUM"Bay of Pigs Museum, Playa Giron, Cuba" 3746
MUSEUMLoyal Edmonton Regiment Museum 3345
PAKISTANTribal Gun Factories of Pakistan 5549
PAKISTANInto the Khyber; SAR Goes to Pakistan 4729
REVIEWThe Stoner Machine Gun A Navy Seal Remembers 3116
REVIEWBlackjack-33 4524
REVIEWThe Long Range War - Sniping in Vietnam 2878
RPDRPD - The Last Degtyarev 5362
SKSThe Russian SKS 4729
SMGThe Belgium Vigneron SMG 3962
STETCHKINThe Stetchkin Machine Pistol 3154
WORLD ARMSWeapons of Somalia 21124
WORLD ARMSSudanese Freedom Fighter's Eclectic Arsenal 2628
WORLD ARMSJugoslav Army Weapons 21248
WORLD ARMSElite Forces of the Caribbean 21050
WORLD ARMSOmega's Small Arms 2763
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