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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 1

LEAAA Simple Formula to Help Make Our Streets Safe Fotis, James8
GOAFighting for Your Gun Rights Association News8
RAFFICABought Reising M-55 but Marked M50 Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAHK33/SG-1 How can I tell if it's an original? Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAExact Weight M885 Bullet & M856 Tracer Shea, Dan10
AMMOM197 Hillenburg, Dutch14
AMMOTin Can Bullets Hillenburg, Dutch14
AMMOFA20 Hillenburg, Dutch14
LAW ENFORCEMENTSales Deal - Harold Lewis Lewis, Harold15
LEGAL COLUMNVollmer vs ATF Bardwell, James16
SUPPRESSOR1997 Silencer Trials Paulson, Al18
MUSEUMSAR in Ho Chi Minh City Shyne, Michael20
DRAGUNOV 308The .308 Dragunov White, Mark22
NEGEVIsraeli Negev LMG Shea, Dan24
SUPPRESSORLow Budget Sniper Paulson, Al28
SAVAGE 110FPLow Budget Sniper Paulson, Al28
ACCESSORYUltimate Sniper Stock Choat, Chris28
PORT SAIDPort Said SMG Ballou, Jim32
M11"The M-11 Task ""Competition Gun""" Mendenhall, Monty37
SHOOT1996 SOF Firepower Demo Zimba, Jeff41
SHOOT1997 Spring Knob Creek Varner, Dan45
BATFCharts of NFA Activity 1996unknown49
HKHK Housing ID Guide Shea, Dan60
FAIRFAIR Report Association News71
IAWCAFull-Auto in the Intermountain West Carter, Jon72
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