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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 10

LEGAL COLUMNDewat Bardwell, James12
LEGAL COLUMNReplacement Parts for Pre-Ban Semi Guns & Mags Bardwell, James12
LEGAL COLUMNPre-86 Dealer Sample C&Rs Bardwell, James12
LEGAL COLUMNLaw Enforcement Only Glock Magazines Bardwell, James12
RAFFICAShipping NFA Firearms Shea, Dan14
RAFFICABaloon Gun Reference Shea, Dan14
RAFFICAAmmo for WWII British Sten Shea, Dan14
REVIEW"The French 1935 Pistols, A Concise History" Stuart, Stephen16
REVIEWJapanese Rifles of World War II Stuart, Stephen16
REVIEWAmerican Military Bayonets of the 20th Century Stuart, Stephen16
A91MTula KBP A-91M Bullpup Assault Rifle Cutshaw, Charles18
ACCESSORYCustom Concealment (The Snipers Edge) Hillenburg, Dutch21
VICKERThe Vickers Gun (Elementary Maintenance) Weitzman, Ed26
REVIEWThe Rough Riders Cartledge, Rick35
ARMALITEThe Lost Armalites Shea, Dan46
BATFBATF Form 1 Zimba, Jeff52
SUPPRESSORProblem Solving with Low Signature Weapons Part 1 Paulson, Al56
MUSEUMU.S. Army Museum of Hawaii Shea, Dan62
ACCESSORYThe Vanguard M11 Upgrade Mendenhall, Monty - Writer68
M11The Venguard M11 Upgrade Mendenhall, Monty68
DEER GUNCIA Deer Gun Truby, David74
ACCESSORYThe Linkmaster - D.H. Melton Co. Hoel, Tom78
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