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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 11

RAFFICAHK 51B Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAReplacing or repairing HK Sear Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAHK Sear Shea, Dan10
NEW PRODUCTRafter Seven Ammunition Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTLiquidator Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTAllsteel Scout Scope Mount for AR-15/M16 Choat, Chris12
NEW Choat, Chris12
LEAAAre Gun Ban Groups Snooping Around in Your Records Fotis, James14
LEGAL COLUMNFlying w/NFA Weapons Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNHawaii Assault Pistols Ban Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNHK 94s After 1989 Cut-off Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNDewat Bardwell, James17
REVIEWThe Life and Death of Pretty Boy Floyd Cartledge, Rick18
REVIEWThe Union Station Massacre Cartledge, Rick18
LAW ENFORCEMENTIn the Raid Van Dresner, Tom20
"MP18,I"The World's First Submachine Gun Owens WF24
BERGMANN'S MP18 I"Bergmann's MP-18,I" Owen, W F24
VICKERVickers on the Border Geibel, Adam28
SUPPRESSORProblem Solving with Low Signature Weapons Part 2 Paulson, Al31
REPLICATactical Machine Gun Replicas Baughman, Steve36
P90P90 Submachine Gun Shea, Dan42
STENBargain Machine Guns Iannamico, Frank51
REISING MODEL 50Bargain Machine Guns Iannamico, Frank51
M11Bargain Machine Guns Iannamico, Frank51
M2 CARBINEBargain Machine Guns Iannamico, Frank51
SUPPRESSORSP90 Suppressor Paulson, Al56
MUSEUMSpringfield Armory Museum Hausman, Robert62
ACCESSORYAnti Aircraft Machine Gun Sights Segel, Robert64
MUSEUMA River Runs Through It Ballou, Jim66
CZ50The Czechoslovakian CZ50 Pistol Iannamico, Frank67
BATFForm 4 Transfers & Dual State Residency Mendenhall, Monty67
MADSEN SAETTERMadsen Saetter Moody, J R73
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