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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 12

RAFFICA"Telling the difference between Trans, pre and post when dealing with the Government" Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAHK 93 Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAAM180 Shea, Dan10
NEW PRODUCTNew Generation Ammo from Century International Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTKnight's Manufacturing - Stoner SR-50 & Modular Weapon System on MP5 Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTCompetition Triggers for Savage Tactical Rifles Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTSmith & Wesson 76/MK 760 Parts Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTTitanium Nitride AR Parts Choat, Chris12
LEGAL COLUMNPre 81 AR-15 Drop-in Auto Sears Bardwell, James14
REVIEWPractical Carbine One Arten, Lee18
MUSEUMImperial Palace Museum Hausman, Robert20
SIGSig 550 Sniper Rifle Adkins, Mark24
USPHK USP Past Present & Future (Part 1) Cutshaw, Charles30
HK USPHK USP Past Present & Future (Part 1) Cutshaw, Charles30
MG42Twin MG42/22 Ehringer, William38
AK100AK 100 Series Kalashnikov Rifles Cutshaw, Charles43
SUPPRESSORProblem Solving with Low Signature Weapons Part 3 Paulson, Al48
AK47Birth of an Assault Rifle Cortese, Robert56
SUPPRESSORHeat Distribution in Suppressors Baughman, Steve63
RUSSIANThe Russian 1P29 Sight Pohjoispaa, Janne74
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