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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 2

FAIRU.S. Origin Collector Firearms Barnes, Mark6
RAFFICA"M-60 ""Run-away"" op Rod" Shea, Dan8
RAFFICASafe or Not - 9mm Ammo - not to use in handgun OK for subguns Shea, Dan8
AMMO5.45 x 39mm Hillenburg, Dutch12
LAW ENFORCEMENTDealing with the Law Lewis, Harold13
SUPPRESSORGemtech LDE-2 Suppressor Paulson, Al16
USPUSP .45 Compact Shea, Dan20
AK74AK-74 - Frank Iannamico Iannamico, Frank22
M2 CARBINEUS M1 Carbine - Part 1 Hoel, Tom24
LDE 9LDE-9 Pen Gun Zimba, Jeff30
AOWLDE-9 Pen Gun Zimba, Jeff30
COLTColt Flash Hiders ID Shea, Dan34
LEAADirty Little Secret Fotis, James37
HK G36HK G36 Shea, Dan42
QUALQual-A-Tec Suppressors Olson, Doug53
SUPPRESSORQual-A-Tec Suppressors Olson, Doug53
MUSEUMFortress of Kalemegdan Shea, Dan60
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