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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 3

GOAInstant Check - Trojan Horse Pratt, Larry6
RAFFICABenelli Shotgun - Collapsable Stock - Is it available? Shea, Dan10
RAFFICABATF - FFL Newsletter Mistake Shea, Dan11
LEGAL COLUMNWhat Happens to Your NFA Weapons When You Die Bardwell, James12
REVIEWThe Art of the Rifle Cooper, Jeff16
MAS 1949/56French Mle MAS 1949/56 Iannamico, Frank18
FUTURE OF INFANTRY SMALL ARMSFuture of Infantry Small Arms Reisenwitz, Gary20
OICWObjective Individual Combat Weapon Shea, Dan22
M2 CARBINEUS M2 Carbine - Part 2 Hoel, Tom24
MP40MP40 Road Test Iannamico, Frank26
AMMOSubsonic .22 Ammo Baughman, Steve30
NEW PRODUCT7.62 x 39mm New Manufacture Choat, Chris36
NEW PRODUCTExecutive Defense Briefcase Choat, Chris36
STEN"Sten MK II, III, and IV" Mendenhall, Monty40
RPKRPK Pohjoispaa, Janne42
SHOWModern Day Marine Show Shea, Dan53
SUPPRESSORJohn's Guns - A Visit with The Quiet Man From Texas Hillenburg, Dutch54
MUSEUMA Visit to the Sig Factory Adkins, Mark61
AMMOU.S. Military Ammunition List Hillenburg, Dutch77
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