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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 5

RAFFICAWhere can I find a high capacity .22LR feed system for suppressed M4 with select-fire Ciener con Shea, Dan10
SHOWSmall Arms Symposium Shea, Dan10
RAFFICABuffer on HK33 rifles buffer is on bolt carrier on older models. Will this bolt carrier work on Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAAR-18 Rifle - Location of Sear Shea, Dan10
LEGAL COLUMNRegulations of Import - Semi-Automatic Rifle and Shotguns Bardwell, James12
LAW ENFORCEMENTDealing with the Law Lewis, Harold12
REVIEWSpecial Warfare - Special Weapons Madurski, Chuck20
REVIEWSpecial Warfare - Special Weapons y Dockery, Kevin20
REVIEWABC's of Reloading Hausman, Robert21
REVIEW1998 Edition of Gun Digest Hausman, Robert21
REVIEWHandloader's Digest Hausman, Robert22
MINI-GUNThe Gatling Mini-Gun Cartledge, Rick23
MUSEUMThe Royal Pattern Room Ezell, Virginia24
AR15Bushmaster V-Match Rifle Baughman, Steve30
M16Bushmaster V-Match Rifle Baughman, Steve30
M11The Task M11 Funneled Magazine Well Mendenhall, Monty36
SHOOTThe October '97 NFA Subgun National Wright, Jim40
MINI-GUNThe Raptor Assault Vehicl Shea, Dan43
RAPTORThe Raptor Assault Vehicle Shea, Dan43
MINI-GUNM134 Mini-Gun Disassembly Shea, Dan47
LANDMINELandmines in Bosnia-Herzegovina Bishop, William54
LANDMINEUS Army Soldiers in Humanitarian Role Bishop, William58
GATLINGThe Gatlings of Furr Arms Mendenhall, Monty64
M16The Complete Guide to Colt M-16 Model's - Part 1 Shea, Dan66
SUPPRESSORDesigning Suppressors for Military Use Olson, Doug72
FEDERAL ARMSThreaded Barrel by Federal Arms Stuart, Stephen74
NEW PRODUCTThreaded Barrel by Federal Arms Choat, Chris74
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