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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 7

NEW PRODUCTM-16 Cyclic Rate Reducer Choat, Chris8
NEW PRODUCTChoate Ultimate Sniper Stock Choat, Chris8
NEW PRODUCT40MM Receivers and Ammo Choat, Chris9
RAFFICAAmmo for Mas-38 Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAReactivating a Dewatt Jap 100 Shea, Dan10
LEGAL COLUMNCourt Cases on Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Bardwell, James12
LEGAL COLUMNDual Residency Bardwell, James12
LEGAL COLUMNChanging Overall Length on AOW's Bardwell, James12
RUSSIANSpp-1m Under Water Pistol Cutshaw, Charles23
RUSSIANPSS Cutshaw, Charles23
RUSSIANGurza Cutshaw, Charles23
RUSSIANMA VIKhr Cutshaw, Charles23
RUSSIANAVV Cutshaw, Charles23
RUSSIANNRS-1 Cutshaw, Charles23
RUSSIANVSS Cutshaw, Charles23
SPP 1MSpp-1m Under Water Pistol Cutshaw, Charles23
SUPPRESSORSniper Rifles 101 - Semester 1 White, Mark28
M11M-11 Folding Stock Kline, Philip32
M16The Complete Guide to Colt M-16 Model's - Part 3 Shea, Dan34
"SWEDISH ""K"" L-051"L-051 The Leader of the Creek Mendenhall, Monty40
AK4750th Anniversary of the AK-47 in Russia Ezell, Virginia42
SUPPRESSORSilencers in Competition James, Frank50
ACCESSORYMachine Gun Mag Loading Tools Mendenhall, Monty54
SUPPRESSORThe Chameleon by SWR Hillenburg, Dutch60
AMMO.22 Tracers from OSSI Baughman, Steve63
FN M249"The FN M249 ""Para""" Shea, Dan66
SHOOT"Winter Fun Shoot in Albany, Oregon" Fogle, Vic73
LAW ENFORCEMENTIn the Raid Van Dresner, Tom76
SUPPRESSORCAR-9 SD Hillenburg, Dutch78
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