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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 8

NEW PRODUCTAKU-94 Conversion System Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTB.M.G. 50 Caliber Simulator System Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTModel 2000 M/P .50 Caliber Bolt Action Rifle Choat, Chris10
RAFFICAStoner links vs M249 links Shea, Dan12
RAFFICA.55 Boyes Ammo Shea, Dan12
RAFFICAMP5 - Reg Rec vs Sear Gun Shea, Dan12
LEGAL COLUMNLautenberg Amendment Bardwell, James14
LEGAL COLUMNForm 4 Line 2A Bardwell, James14
LEGAL COLUMNATF F 5000.8 Power of Attorney Bardwell, James14
LEGAL COLUMNForm 4473 Bardwell, James14
SHOOTSubgunning at Second Chance Arten, Lee23
SUPPRESSORSpecial Op's Shop Genesis Suppressor Paulson, Al28
RUGER AC 556Ruger AC556 Problem Area Solution Shea, Dan31
PKMThe PKM GPMG - Pohjoispaa, Janne34
LEGAL COLUMNPortion of Roberti-Roos Found Unconstitutional Bardwell, James40
MUSEUMAAF Tank Museum Hausman, Robert42
SUPPRESSORSniper Rifles 101 - Semester 2 White, Mark48
M16The Complete Guide to Colt M-16 Model's - Part 4 Shea, Dan54
USA 97The USAK-97 Kit from Soupbowl Enterprises Bazner, Jay64
UZIUZI Conversion History Hoel, Tom66
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