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Contents of Volume 1 Issue # 9

NEW PRODUCTRecoil Buffer - Buffer Technologies Choat, Chris8
NEW PRODUCTWorld's Smallest Pistol Gets Smaller Choat, Chris8
NEW PRODUCTBirchwood Casey Adds New Targets to Shoot-N-C Line Choat, Chris8
NEW PRODUCTMech Tech Carbine Conversion Unit Choat, Chris9
NEW PRODUCTT.A.L. 5 Lubricant from WD-40 Company Choat, Chris9
NEW PRODUCTSRAT Targets Choat, Chris9
RAFFICAHunting with silencers - Legal? Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAAmmo problem w/PPSH41 Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAHK Sear in MP5K PDW Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAMK23 USSOCOM - Stolen Property Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAHigh Standard USA Model HD .22 LR Pistols Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAShooting Hollow Point w/MP5KSD Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAAR-70 Shea, Dan10
RAFFICAShort Tail on H&K Navy Picto SEF Shea, Dan10
LEGAL COLUMNForm 5s to H&K Bardwell, James12
LEGAL COLUMNVirginia's Uniform MG Act Bardwell, James12
NRANRA National Firearm Museumunknown18
NRAEddie Eagle Association News18
NRA127th NRA Annual Meeting Association News18
REVIEWThe Paraclete (Video) Shea, Dan20
REVIEWGerman Automatic Weapons of World War II Bruce, Robert20
REVIEWThe Swedish K Machine Gun Video Shea, Dan21
REVIEWEighteen Days to Forever Shea, Dan21
REVIEWHandbook of Ordnance Material OS9-63 Vol. 1 Shea, Dan21
SHOWThe '98 Shot Show Zimba, Jeff23
SUPPRESSORGemtech's Predator Suppressor Paulson, Al28
UNKNOWN SUBMACHINE GUNThe Unknown Submachine Gun Nielsen, Finn32
BERETTABeretta 38/42 Iannamico, Frank34
SHOWTactical Technologies Exhibition Hausman, Robert38
SHOOTThe Northeast Military Firearms Shoot & Expo Sturk, Barry43
SUPPRESSORSniper Rifles 101 - Semester 3 White, Mark48
M16The Complete Guide to Colt M-16 Model's - Part 5 Shea, Dan54
SHOOTKnob Creek (The Tinker's Haven) Hillenburg, Dutch63
SIGThe SIG AMT Rifle in America Bishop, William64
AOWGalco Wallet Holster A.O.W. Stuart, Stephen70
PROTECTA BULLDOGThe 18.5 x 70mm Protecta Bulldog Kulokivi, Robie72
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