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Contents of Volume 2 Issue # 11

NEW PRODUCTJMB Distribution Announces New 76/45 Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTDry-Fire Safety Device for AR15/M16 Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTSight-in Systems New Software Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTFederal Adds Barnes XLC Coated X-Bullet to Premium Line Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTButler Creek Introduces 10/22 Stock & BBL Combo Choat, Chris10
LEGAL COLUMNRevision of MG Law in Montana Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNMulti-caliber Suppressors Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNReactivating a Dewat Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNCan you still make a MG on a Form 1 Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNRules & Regs of Silencer Repair Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNSelling NFA Weapons to a Corporation Bardwell, James16
WORLD ARMSWeapons of Somalia Krott, Rob24
AMMOMark 8Z Ball Ammo Fortier, David33
SHOWOregon Machine Gun Championship Fogle, Vic38
SHOW"IWA '99 Show, Nurnburg Germany" Pikula, Sam44
M97The M97 Sporting Rifle by Krinks Cartledge, Rick50
M60Guns and Rotors Dabbs, Will53
SUPPRESSORJohn's Guns .308 Silent Sniper Rifle Hillenburg, Dutch58
AMERICAN SPIRIT ARMSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
OLYMPIC ARMSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
PROFESSIONAL ORDNANCEPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
PWAPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
SENDRAPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
AR15Pre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
ARMALITEPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
CENTURY ARMSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
JLM & SONSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
HESSE ARMSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
KNIGHT ARMAMENT CO. (KAC)Pre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
ESSENTIAL ARMSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
EAGLE ARMSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
DPMSPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
COLTPre-Ban/Post-Ban Dating Sattler, Corey61
SIGHTAnti Aircraft Machine Gun Sights Segel, Robert64
REVIEWThe 1999 Standard Catalog of Firearms Shea, Dan71
REVIEWThe New World of Russian Small Arms and Ammo Shea, Dan71
REVIEWWeapons for Counter Insurgency Shea, Dan71
M49Danish Hovea M49 SMG Moody, J R73
223 CAL.223 Barrel Twist vs. Accuracy Haire, Chad76
M3The M3 Submachine Gun Iannamico, Frank79
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