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Contents of Volume 2 Issue # 3

NEW PRODUCTGun-Tree Firearms Security Rack Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCTLaser Sighting System for Mark 19/.50 Browning Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCT"New from Dick Kreamer Studios, Inc." Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCT"Aimpoint ""XD"" Sights from Springfield Armory" Choat, Chris15
NEW PRODUCTLightning Loader from Sally Speedloader Choat, Chris15
LEGAL COLUMNSelling Post Ban Magazines to Law Enforcement Officers Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNTransferring an NFA Weapon to a Legal Heir Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNTransferring Class 1 Weapons Between States Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNDomestic Violence & Law Enforcement Officers Bardwell, James17
HK21HK 21E Machine Gun Gearinger, Stephen43
SHOOTBanned Guns Solidarity Shoot Fogle, Vic63
SHOWJuly '98 Beltring Military Vehicle Show Reader66
OSSHigh Standard USA HD MD Miller, Jon68
HIGH STANDARD HDHigh Standard USA HD MS Miller, Jon68
SUPPRESSORHigh Standard USA HK MS Miller, Jon68
PERUVIAN SMGsSubguns from the INCA Land Olive, Ronaldo72
MGP79Subguns from the INCA Land Olive, Ronaldo72
STENSten Mark IV Mendenhall, Monty76
INTERVIEWJRW Sports Smith, Matt84
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