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Contents of Volume 2 Issue # 4

MACMac Waffle Cook Off at Knob Creek Weitzman, Ed10
NEW PRODUCT":LongBow"" T-76 Tactical Rifle from Dakota Arms" Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTAR Stowaway Pistol Plug from DPMS Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTCromson Trace Lasergrips for the SIGP228 and P229 Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTPremium-Plus Ammo from Triton Choat, Chris13
NEW PRODUCTSpeedwell Introduces Website Choat, Chris13
LEGAL COLUMNCorporate SOT Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNPermanent Attachment of Muzzle Devices to Threaded Muzzles Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNPermissible Modifications to UZI Type Firearms Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNFinding the Transfer History of your NFA Weapon Bardwell, James16
STEYRSteyr Scout Rifle Cutshaw, Charles23
SUPPRESSORH & K's Navy Silencers Part 1 Paulson, Al28
SUPPRESSORThe Welrod Suppressed Pistol Truby, David34
WELRODThe Welrod Suppressed Pistol Truby, David34
SHOOTING RANGE"Shooting in Style ""The Firing Line""" Baughman, Steve40
MEMORABILIAA Little Imagination Segel, Robert43
PERUVIAN SMGsSubguns from the INCA Land Part II Olive, Ronaldo48
FNC"The FNC (Part II, Select Fire Conversions)" Bishop, William53
MP36MP-36 The Missing Link Iannamico, Frank59
SHOWThe Great Pumpkin Shoot Ballou, Jim63
REVIEWTom Clancy's Rainbow Six Hillenburg, Dutch66
SHOOTING RANGEThe Bull's Eye Shooting Range Shea, Dan68
SUPPRESSOR"The Silver Sniper ""John's Guns Amazing Little Rifle""" Hillenburg, Dutch78
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