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Contents of Volume 2 Issue # 5

NEW PRODUCTTac-Latch II for H&K's Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTPager Pal Concealment Holsters Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTStarlight Gun Cases Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCT"""Plug"" Your Glock" Choat, Chris13
NEW PRODUCTParagon - Low Cost Ammo A49+A11 Choat, Chris13
LEGAL COLUMNCan Post ban LE Items be Transferred to Individuals after Purchase by LE Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMN"Pistol Gripped ""Shotguns""" Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNFinal Brady Law Regulations Bardwell, James15
GARANDGovernment Garands Iannamico, Frank20
MEMORABILIACommemorative Military Steins Segel, Robert23
SUPPRESSORHK Navy Suppressors Part 2 Paulson, Al28
HKHK Machine Gun ID Guide - Part 1 Shea, Dan33
PERUVIAN SMGsSubguns from the INCA Land Part III Olive, Ronaldo40
HK UMP45HK UMP 45 Gearinger, Stephen43
SHOOTAlabama Nationals Mendenhall, Monty54
M11/9The Little Gun that Could Mendenhall, Monty59
SHOOT1998 Fun & Freedom Shoot Kamp, Walter63
HK USP357HK USP 357 Compact SAR Gearinger, Stephen69
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