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Contents of Volume 2 Issue # 6

NEW PRODUCTNews from DPMS Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTBeretta AR-70 Mag Adapter Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCT"Moderator Gas Tube for ""Shorty""" Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTH&K Recoil Buffer Choat, Chris13
NEW PRODUCTL&R Mfg. Ultrasonic Brass Cleaner Choat, Chris13
LEGAL COLUMNTransporting a Suppressor Across State Lines Bardwell, James14
LEGAL COLUMNM2 Carbine Parts that Constitute a Conversion Kit in ATF's Eyes Bardwell, James14
LEGAL COLUMNNRA & LEAA Sue Janet Reno on Retaining Lists of Firearm Purchasers Bardwell, James14
SIGHTEyes of the Falcon Gelbart, Marsh24
FALCON SIGHTEyes of the Falcon Gelbart, Marsh24
WORLD ARMSSudanese Freedom Fighter's Eclectic Arsenal Krott, Rob28
HKHK Machine Gun ID Guide - Part 2 Shea, Dan33
M16M16/9mm Conversions Reisenwitz, Gary36
STENWehrmacht Sten Iannamico, Frank40
WEHRMACHT STENWehrmacht Sten Iannamico, Frank40
MUSEUMUS Air Force Armament Hausman, Robert44
AK107 108The AK 107/108 Cutshaw, Charles48
DEER GUNA Very Serious Weapon Harber, David53
CLEANINGChemical Cleaning of Firearms & Accessories Melton, Douglas58
INTERVIEWMike Dillon - Part 2 Shea, Dan66
MAKAROV PISTOLThe Makarov Pistol Iannamico, Frank76
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