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Contents of Volume 2 Issue # 7

NEW PRODUCTSpringfield Armory's Bureau Model Pistol Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTWin Mag Ammo from Black Hills Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTSteiner Ultra Compact 8x22 mini-scope Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTGlockworks 3.5 Connector Choat, Chris13
LEGAL COLUMNNFA Accuracy Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNLamplugh Case Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNOwning Extra bbl's for a SBS Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNPistols with Rifled Bores Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNRegistered Part of Walther TPH Pistols Bardwell, James19
REVIEW"The P-38 Automatic Pistol, The First Fifty Years" Stuart, Stephen21
REVIEWMilitary Pistols of France Stuart, Stephen21
MEMORABILIAClass III Art Segel, Robert23
M17SBushmaster M17S Rifle Cutshaw, Charles27
SUPPRESSORMK II Pistol Suppressor Maint Baughman, Steve34
SHOWFall '98 Knob Creek Varner, Dan40
MUSEUM"Waffenmuseum, Oberndorf Germany" Pikula, Sma43
HKHK B49 B135 Machine Gun ID Guide - Part 3 Shea, Dan47
MUSEUMCamp Meade Hausman, Robert53
REVIEW"Lights, Camera, SAR - The History Channel" Cartledge, Rick56
M56Yugoslavian M56 Submachine Gun Iannamico, Frank60
WORLD ARMSOmega's Small Arms Krott, Rob63
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