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Contents of Volume 2 Issue # 9

NEW PRODUCTAce Folding Stocks Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTSharpshooters Rifle Rest from Center Mass Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTReplacement Bbls for Rugers Sound Tech Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTL&R Mfg. New Weapon Cleaning System Choat, Chris11
POLICERoaches Dresner, Tom14
LEGAL COLUMNTransferring a MG out of a no MG State Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNCan Wife of Felon Legally Buy Silencer Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNCan Manufacturer Build SBS w/Rifled bbl and Register as Big Bore Handgun Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNSemi-auto Assault Weapon Receivers Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNATF Loses on Made-up Straw Purchase Doctrine Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNFBI Publishes New Regs on Gun Buyer Registration Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNPre ban AK Folding Stock Bardwell, James18
NIGHT VISIONNo More Night Blindness for Crew Served Weapons Meyers, Brad24
UZILegally Converting the UZI to Full-Auto Bishop, William30
CHARLOTTEThe T2 Story Purdy, Strother38
T2The T2 Story - Professor Strother Purdy Purdy, Strother38
OICWThe OICW Goes to War Sweda, Charles44
AKChoosing the Correct Magazine for your Kalashnikov Pohjoispaa, Janne54
COLTThe Colt that Never was - The SSP Pistol Cutshaw, Charles59
SSPThe Colt that Never was - The SSP Pistol Cutshaw, Charles59
SHOWNDIA Small Arms Conference '98 Bruce, Robert64
BROWNINGBrowning 1919 Headspacing & Timing Morrison, John69
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