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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 1

NEW PRODUCTStrength-Lock Gun Case Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCT"Sten MK II, III & IV Recoil Buffer" Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTH&K 91/G3 Flat Top Receiver Choat, Chris13
REVIEWAdvanced Ultimate Sniper Fortier, David16
REVIEWThe Stoner Machine Gun A Navy Seal Remembers Krott, Rob16
REVIEWFrom a Stranger's Doorstep to the Kremlin Gates Madurski, Chuck17
REVIEWDeath from Above the Germ FG 42 Stuart, Stephen17
LEGAL COLUMNFirearms Markings Bardwell, James20
LEGAL COLUMNLE Only Guns Bardwell, James20
LEGAL COLUMNNFA Stratistics Bardwell, James20
SHOOTThe Albany Spring '99 Machine Gun Shoot Wright, Jim25
BENELLIThe Benelli M4 Super 90/XM1014 Cutshaw, Charles31
SUPPRESSORY2K Suppressors Paulson, Al38
BELTFEDMiniature Automatic Weapons Part 1 Segel, Robert46
NDIA 1999NDIA 1999 Small ArmsSymposium Bruce, Robert46
MINIATURE MACHINE GUNSMini Machine Guns Part I Segel, Robert46
STETCHKINThe Stetchkin Machine Pistol Krott, Rob54
VULCANProject Vulcan Hyde, Steve62
SUPPRESSOR1999 Suppressor Trials Smith, Matt66
HISTORYGuns of Ryan Cartledge, Rick69
REVIEWGuns of Ryan Cartledge, Rick69
Y2KY2K Concerns Shea, Dan77
DIRECTORYClass 3 Directory SAR Staff84
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