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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 10

LEGAL COLUMNBushmaster XM-15E2S Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNProject Exile Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNFAL Rifle Bardwell, James15
SMGSMG's from Down Under Nielsen, Finn21
SHOWHMHS Military Firearms Shoot & Expo Sturk, Barry25
SAR 21SAR-21 Bullpup Assault Rifle Cutshaw, Charles30
H&RH&R Reising Model 60 Carbine Iannamico, Frank36
RUSSIAN MILITARYNew Pistols for the Russian Military? Cutshaw, Charles40
VICKERColt/Vickers 1915 Water Cooled Machine Gun Segel, Robert46
COLTColt/Vickers 1915 Water Cooled Machine Gun Arten, Lee46
STG 44Kalashnikov Vs Sturmgewehr Hern, Walter54
AK47Kalashnikov Vs Sturmgewehr Hern, Walter54
M11Easy M11 Repair Mendenhall, Monty62
REVIEWSilencer History & Performance Paulson, Al66
REVIEWThe Ultimate Spy Book Stuart, Stephen67
REVIEWImperial Lugers & Their Accessories Stuart, Stephen67
REVIEWThe German Assault Rifle 1935-1945 Fortier, David68
MACHINE GUN CARTModel 1917 Machine Gun Carts Segel, Robert69
AIRBOURNEBand of Brothers Cartledge, Rick76
MG37Band of Brothers Cartledge, Rick76
MG34Band of Brothers Cartledge, Rick76
WWIIBand of Brothers - Cartledge, Rick76
RUGERRuger Police Carbine White, Mark78
STARRoad Testing the STAR 9mm Largo Campbell, Bob82
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