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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 11

NEW PRODUCTATV Pistol Holster and Pouch Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCTFire Armour Gun Lock Combines Firearm Safety and Accessibility Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCTAdvanced Armament Introduces Phantom Suppressor Choat, Chris15
NEW PRODUCTStreamlight Introduces New Propolymer Flashlights Choat, Chris15
LEGAL COLUMNCorporate Transfers Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNUZI Bardwell, James17
SUPPRESSORSound Measurement Techniques - Dater, Dr. Phil26
SMGMGV 176 .22LR SMG Kulokivi, Robie38
REVIEWTactical Pistol 1 Fortier, David43
REVIEWGerman 20mm FLAK in World War II 1935-1945 Stuart, Stephen43
REVIEWTactical Concealed Carry Fortier, David44
REVIEWU.S. War Department Handbook on Japanese Military Forces Stuart, Stephen44
NDIA 1999NDIA 1999 Small Arms Symposium Bruce, Robert46
SMGThe Beretta M38 SMG Mendenhall, Monty57
MG37The Beretta M38 SMG Mendenhall, Monty57
BERETTAThe Beretta M38 SMG Mendenhall, Monty57
DEMONSTRATIONSmall Arms Demonstration Guidelines - Part 1 Schatz, Jim65
ASSAULT RIFLEAustrian Schwarzlose 07/12 Machine Gun Segel, Robert69
ASTRAAstra 400 Pistol Campbell, Bob75
ASSAULT RIFLEBAR Trigger Housing ID Guide Ballou, Jim81
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