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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 12

NEW PRODUCTRadian A.V. Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTNikon Field Image System Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTMarlin 25NC Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTKG-100 Moly-Armorkoat Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTStreamlight Stylus Pen Light Choat, Chris12
LEGAL COLUMNColorado Law 00-154 Bardwell, James14
LEGAL COLUMNShort Barrel Rifles Bardwell, James14
REVIEWHandbook of Firearms & Ballistics Examining Trumble, Christopher22
REVIEWThe AK47/AKM Assault Rifles Fortier, David22
REVIEWLegends & Reality of the AK Fortier, David23
REVIEWThe Official Soviet AKM Manual Fortier, David23
SHOOTChute & Shoot 2000 Morgan, Clyde26
VECTOR UZIVector UZI Bishop, William32
SIG"Sig ""P"" Series" Campbell, Bob39
S&W 659Smith and Wesson 659 Mendenhall, Monty42
HKH&K 50th Anniversary Schatz, Jim45
TRAININGBlackwater Training Ctr. Cutshaw, Charles56
REISINGModel 50 Reising Iannamico, Frank61
DEMONSTRATIONSmall Arms Demonstration Guidelines - Part 2 Schatz, Jim65
MUSEUM"Fort Siloso, Singapore -" Cutshaw, Charles70
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