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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 5

REVIEWOSS Special Weapons & Equipment Stuart, Stephen15
REVIEWSoviet Russian Postwar Military Pistols and Cartridges 1945-1986 Fortier, David15
REVIEWInside the NRA; Armed and Dangerous Haire, Chad16
REVIEWAstra Automatic Pistols Stuart, Stephen16
LEGAL COLUMNMailing Firearms Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNConnecticut MG's Bardwell, James19
MINIATURE MACHINE GUNSAutomatic Weapons in Miniature Part 3 Segel, Robert25
ASSAULT RIFLEThe Worlds First Assault Rifles Cutshaw, Charles30
STG 44The Worlds First Assault Rifles Cutshaw, Charles30
BROWNING"Browning Machine Gun .50 HB, M2 Part II" Bruce, Robert45
INTERVIEWKnight's Armament Corp Smith, Matt56
SHOWHawaii Historic Arms Association Show Shea, Dan69
MP40The Airborne MP-40 Cartledge, Rick75
SHOOTThe American Class-3 Association Finals Mendenhall, Monty84
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