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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 6

NEW PRODUCTSpecial Edition Winchester Safes Benefit Ducks Unlimited Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCTH&K Introduces Revolutionary New Rifle Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCTAearo Introduces New Junior Safety Products Choat, Chris15
LEGAL COLUMNAOW's Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNFFL's Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNATF Form 1 Bardwell, James17
AR50The ArmaLite AR-50 Reisenwitz, Gary25
AKScope Options Fortier, David35
SVDsScope Options Fortier, David35
FPK/PLSsScope Options Fortier, David35
M16TAC Trigger System for M-16 Paulson, Al41
AMMOHistory & Development of U.S. .50 Caliber Ammo Sturk, Barry46
STRIKERSaco's Striker Grenade Launcher Cutshaw, Charles56
SILENCERBrugger & Thomet - Masters of Excellence Pikula, Sam60
HKH&K Unveils New PDW - SAR Staff Report SAR Staff66
MUSEUM"Imperial War Museum in London, England" Fortier, David69
SMG"Planning, Preparation & Practice - Competition Tips" Mendenhall, Monty74
REVIEWGerman Trench Mortars and Infantry Mortars 1914-1945 Stuart, Stephen84
REVIEWGerman Automatic Weapons of WWII Fortier, David84
REVIEWHonour Bound; The Chauchat Machine Rifle Stuart, Stephen85
REVIEWThe World's Fighting Shotguns Stuart, Stephen85
HD MSHigh Standard Model MD MS Miller, Jon86
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