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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 8

LEGAL COLUMNATF Regulations Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNOregon Law Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNFND Bardwell, James17
REVIEWProud Promise Stuart, Stephen23
REVIEWUltimate Sniper - The Video Fortier, David23
REVIEWFlamethrowers of the German Army 1914-1945 Stuart, Stephen24
MAXIMThe Maxim 1910 Machine Gun Fortier, David25
HKPowder Coating Firearms Bishop, William33
POWDER COATING FIREARMSPowder Coating Firearms Bishop, William33
MP5Powder Coating Firearms Bishop, William33
NFA AMNESTYNFA Amnesty Registrations Larson, Eric40
9mm STEYR SOLOTHURNSalvadoran Forces Infantry Weapons Montes, Julio46
MACHINE GUN COLLECTINGSalvadoran Forces Infantry Weapons Montes, Julio46
EL SALVADORSalvadoran Forces Infantry Weapons Montes, Julio46
INTERVIEWMark White Smith, Matt54
SUPPRESSORSTW's Titanium 10/22 Suppressor Paulson, Al69
MUSEUMJohn M. Browning Museum Hausman, Robert76
HKThe Mechanics of the H&K NFA Conversions - Part II Hoel, Tom84
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