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Contents of Volume 3 Issue # 9

NEW PRODUCTNext Generation of Radios from Motorola Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCT"New ""Spider"" Suppressor from Advanced Armament Corp" Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCTGoncz Hi-Tech Generation II Firearms Choat, Chris14
NEW PRODUCTProears Hearing Protection Choat, Chris15
NEW PRODUCTSharp Slider Stock from the Ruger 10/22 Choat, Chris15
LEGAL COLUMNColt 9mm Carbine Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNHK USC .45 Carbine Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNAK-47 Bardwell, James17
DILLON AEROThe Dillon Aero GAU-2C/M134A1 Minigun Cutshaw, Charles26
M134A1 MINIGUNThe Dillon Aero GAU-2C/M134A1 Minigun Cutshaw, Charles26
GAU 2CThe Dillon Aero GAU-2C/M134A1 Minigun Cutshaw, Charles26
INTERVIEWFN Manufacturing Inc. Smith, Matt31
REVIEWH&K The Official History Pikula, Sam38
REVIEWThe 2000 Standard Catalog of Firearms Shea, Dan38
REVIEWThe Bren Gun Saga Shea, Dan39
PATTERN ROOMSAR Goes to the MOD Pattern Room Shea, Dan42
SMGFront Sight Offers Free SMG Class Hausman, Robert53
SMGThe Belgium Vigneron SMG Krott, Rob62
SLINGThe Chalker Sling Smith, Matt69
HKThe Mechanics of the H&K NFA Conversions - Part III Hoel, Tom74
M16Suomi M16 Conversion By Stan Andrewski Mendenhall, Monty81
M3M3 Greasegun 9mm Conversion Kit Iannamico, Frank86
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