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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 1

NEW PRODUCTZeiss Introduces Stainless Steel Rifescopes Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCT"Cold Steel ""Kobun"" Carbon" Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTAdvanced Armament M9-SD Suppresor for Beretta 92F Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTTasco's Propoint Optima 2000 Choat, Chris13
NEW PRODUCTRimfire Bullet Trap Choat, Chris13
LEGAL COLUMNImport Rule Change Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNMachine Gun Modification Bardwell, James16
LEGAL COLUMNAOW Gas Gun Bardwell, James18
LEGAL COLUMNFull-Auto Parts Possession Bardwell, James19
REVIEWThe Official SVD Manual Fortier, David22
REVIEWHandgun Stopping Power Fortier, David22
REVIEWJapanese Explosive Ordnance Stuart, Stephen23
HKG36C Cutshaw, Charles25
HKPDW Cutshaw, Charles25
LEUPOLDLeupold Long Range Tactical Scope Baughman, Steve31
DRAGUNOVFeeding the Dragon Fortier, David34
MAUSERIDF Mauser M-66 SP Sniper Rifle Pikula, Sam40
SHOW1999 Solider of Furtune Convention Zimba, Jeff45
DEMONSTRATIONSmall Arms Demonstration Guidelines - Part III Schatz, Jim54
REISINGReising Model 50 Submachine Guns - Part II Iannamico, Frank64
LAUNCHERThe AT-4 Launcher Trumble, Christopher68
BARChasing BAR's in the Footsteps of Private Ryan Ballou, Jim70
DIRECTORYClass 3 Directory SAR Staff74
SHOOTIronman Pistol & Subgun Match Dee, Anthony88
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