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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 10

NEW PRODUCTGG&G Introduces Weapon Mounts for the M-3 Light Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTCompact .50 Caliber Rifle From Anzio Ironworks Corp Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCT"Columbia River Knife and Tool Introduces ""I: Knife" Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTWinchester Launches New Website Choat, Chris11
LEGAL COLUMNATF Firearm Owners Records Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNC&R List Bardwell, James21
LEGAL COLUMNPersonal LE Firearms Bardwell, James23
VEHICLELight Strike Vehicles in Central America Montes, Julio28
M2The U.S. M2 Submachine Gun Iannamico, Frank36
VZ58Czech VZ58 Assault Rifle Pohjoispaa, Janne43
CDPKimber's New Government-size CDP Kokalis, Peter49
MK46The FN MK46 Mod 0 Navy LMG Cutshaw, Charles58
LMGThe FN MK46 Mod 0 Navy LMG Cutshaw, Charles58
CLEO1934 Group CLEO Lawsuite Update O'Brien, Gary63
PENDULUMThe Pendulum Fighting Knife Kokalis, Peter65
GATLINGRough Rider Gatling Gun Arten, Lee69
SUPPRESSORSSK Demo at Fort Dix Paulson, Al73
SSKSSK Demo at Fort Dix Paulson, Al73
PERSONAL WEAPONPersonal Defense Weapons Mendenhall, Monty79
REVIEWMachine Gun Buyers Guide and Owners Manual - 2nd Edition Fortier, David83
REVIEWAn Armourer's Perspective 303 No. 4 (T) Sniper Rifle and the Holland and Holland Connection Fortier, David83
REVIEW"The U.S. M3-3A1 Submachine Gun: The ""Grease Gun""" Fortier, David84
SARSAR in the 5th State Genovese, Mark86
SHOOTThompson Collectors Shoot & Show Iannamico, Frank88
SHOWThompson Collectors Shoot & Show Iannamico, Frank88
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