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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 11

LEGAL COLUMNMachine Gun Ban Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNFull-Auto Parts/Semi-Auto Gun Bardwell, James21
LEGAL COLUMNU.S. vs Emerson Bardwell, James23
LEGAL COLUMNHaynes vs U.S. Bardwell, James24
REVIEWWeapons Tests and Evaluations Shea, Dan27
ARMS TECH TTR 700Death in the Short Grass Kokalis, Peter28
1911 MACHINE PISTOL1911 Machine Pistol - Part I Ramos, J M36
SHOOT2000 Hiram Maxim Firearms Shoot & Expo Zimba, Jeff45
EMMAGEEMAN CORNERSouth African Machine Gun Badges Segel, Robert49
SPANDAUSpandau Machine Gun Watts, David r57
AMMOThe World of the 9mm Campbell, Bob72
ENFIELDThe WWII Savage Enfield Iannamico, Frank78
SAVAGEThe WWII Savage Enfield Iannamico, Frank78
HISTORICALWhats in the Chicken Coop? Nielsen, Finn83
S&WS&W Model 1940 Light Rifle Genovese, Mark86
M11/9M11/9mm Rate of Fire Adjusters Barlow, Keith89
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