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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 3

NEW PRODUCTBrowning Introduces Carbon Fiber Technology to A-Bolt Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTSSK Introduces .50 Caliber Peacekeeper Ammunition Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTITC Scope Covers Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTNikon Announces titanium Riflescopes Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTLiquid Gunsmith Choat, Chris11
LEGAL COLUMNProject Exile Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNLouisiana Firearms Law Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNCorporate Transfer Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNDIAS (Drop In Auto Sear) Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNPistol Stocks Bardwell, James15
JAPANESEJapanese Type 100 SMG Libby, Ed27
SMGType 100 SMG Libby, Ed27
MUSEUMUSS Arizona Memorial Zimba, Jeff30
REISINGModel 55 Reising Iannamico, Frank34
THOMPSONThe Tommy Gun Bruce, Robert38
OWENOwen 9mm SMG Haire, Chad42
SMGOwen 9mm SMG Haire, Chad42
AUSTRALIANOwen 9mm SMG Haire, Chad42
JAPANESEJapanese Nambu Type 96 LMG Libby, Ed45
PACIFIC THEATERGun of the Pacific Theater Szatkowski, Dan50
BAZOOKAThe Bazooka Bruce, Robert57
NAMBUNambu Type 14 Pistol Campbell, Bob61
TYPE 1"Type ""I: Carcano" Dee, Anthony64
NAMBUNambu Type 99 LMG Libby, Ed67
M1The Garand Bruce, Robert70
MUSEUMBowfin Submarine Museum Shea, Dan73
SHOOTLet the Tracers Fly Shea, Dan75
WWIIOrdnance Committee Meeting Iannamico, Frank78
M1The Carbine Bruce, Robert83
WWIIWWII Weaponry Ballou, Jim87
JAPANESEThe JAP 11 and Merrill's Merauders Cartledge, Rick93
JAPANESEJapanese Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun Libby, Ed96
JAPANESEJapanese Type 99 Rifle Stuart, Stephen98
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