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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 4

NEW PRODUCTBlackwater Target Systems Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCT"Tool Logic Introduces New ""ICE"" Collection" Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTMarlin Model 60C Mossy Oak Camouflage Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTCold Steel Announces The Master Hunter Plus Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTKahles' 3-9x42 Rifle Scope is First in American Hunter Series Choat, Chris11
LEGAL COLUMNImportation Bans Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNOut of State Class 3 Transfer Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNCalifornia High Capacity Law Bardwell, James15
LEGAL COLUMNFFL Regulations Bardwell, James15
REVIEWCaptured Weapons and Equipment of the German Wehrmacht 1938-1945 Stuart, Stephen24
REVIEWThe Complete .50 Caliber Sniper Course Fortier, David24
REVIEWFN - Browning Armorer to the World Trumble, Christopher25
MAGAZINEMagazine Repairs Mendenhall, Monty26
MUSEUMColumbian Military Museum Krott, Rob30
SMGAgram 2000 SMG Shea, Dan37
AGRAMAgram 2000 SMG Shea, Dan37
STEYR AUGSteyr AUG User Evaluation Nadel, Seth41
BATF"BATF, NFA Branch Interview 7 Tour" Smith, Matt49
G SERIESLegal History of the G Series FAL Bardwell, James60
OBITUARYJ. Curtis Earl Story Hausman, Robert69
ACCESSORYThe GRAD Hyrid A.O.W. Sepulveda, Andres73
HKHK Locking Pieces ID Guide Shea, Dan78
SMGLuigi Franchi Model 57 SMG Ramos, J M84
AUSTRALIAAustralia's Lee Enfield Campbell, Bob92
M44M44 Mosin-Nagant Rifle Stuart, Stephen95
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