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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 6

NEW PRODUCTSpot Sight; Insta-Optics Check System Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTSpringfield Armory Teams with the NRA for Membership Promotion Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTSpider Suppressors from Advanced Armament Corporation Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTKG 500 Bullet-Kote Pro Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTNew Portable Shooting Range from Birchwood Casey Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTNew Pentax Spotting Scope Choat, Chris11
LEGAL COLUMNHigh Capacity Magazine Modifications Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNPost Ban AK-74 Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNDual State Class 3 Possession Bardwell, James17
REVIEWRuger & His Guns Trumble, Christopher24
REVIEWPatton - A Genius for War Arten, Lee24
REVIEWThe Thompson Submachine Gun Arten, Lee25
ASSAULT RIFLEMini Assault Rifles - Jim Schatz Schatz, Jim30
SHOW"SAR Show 2000 in Phoenix, AZ" Zimba, Jeff40
MAGALMagal .30 Carbine Kotnik, Jani45
BUSHMASTER25mm Bushmaster Machine Cannon Bruce, Robert49
AOWSerbu Super Shorty AOW Hoel, Tom58
HKThe Missing HK SMG Schatz, Jim63
MUSEUMThe Pietro Beretta Museum Besemer, Jim73
SEMI AUTO RIFLEP.A.W.S. ZX Carbine - Zuzelo, Brian78
ACCESSORYBarhorst Manufacturing's BM1 Kit Mendenhall, Monty82
KULSPRUTAKulspruta Model 1936 Genovese, Mark83
FG42The German FG42 Iannamico, Frank85
INGRAMIngram Model 6 SMG Arten, Lee88
GRINThe 30 Round Grin Arten, Lee92
JOHNSONThe Johnson Automatics - Part 1 Iannamico, Frank93
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