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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 8

NEW PRODUCTITT Night Vision Camera Adapter Viewer Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTArmaLite Introduces Eagle Arms AR-10 Rifle Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTM-16 Pigtails for Shorty Rifles Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTSteamlight Introduces Cuffmate Flashlight Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTJLB Innovations Introduces the Steady Arm Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTKenwood Introduces Freetalk WX Radios Choat, Chris11
LEGAL COLUMNAssault Weapons Definitions Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNNFRTR Update Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNProper NFA Firearms Transfers Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNAmensty Ends Bardwell, James17
LEGAL COLUMNStriker 12 - Street Sweeper & USAS-12 Bardwell, James17
COMPETITIONMaximizing Subgun Fun Mendenhall, Monty26
HKThe New H&K G36 Commando Schatz, Jim30
VILLAR PEROSAThe Villar Perosa Machine Gun Nielsen, Finn36
CZ75AThe CZ-75A Machine Pistol Kulokivi, Robie40
PISTOLThe CZ-75A Machine Pistol Kulokivi, Robie40
SPECTRESpectre Model 4 Submachine Gun Ramos, J M45
40MM40MM Grenades Fleischman, Steve50
GRENADE40MM Grenades Fleischman, Steve50
HKH&K's USP LEM Trigger System Schatz, Jim55
MP38MP38 Machinenpistole Iannamico, Frank60
STERLINGThe Seven Sterling Patents Mendenhall, Monty64
SHOWAlaska's Memorial Day Shoot Mannino, Chris73
BAR"The Unfinished Story of ""The Rock""" Ballou, Jim78
REVIEW"The Unfinished Story of ""The Rock""" Ballou, Jim78
PISTOLCZ75 Pistol Iannamico, Frank81
CZ75ACZ75 Pistol Iannamico, Frank81
OP SKSOP-SKS Hunting Carbine Ribakov, Vadim86
PISTOLCroation Service Pistols Kotnik, Jani90
REVIEWGun Wounds Cutshaw, Charles97
REVIEWThe ArmaLite AR-10 Kim, H98
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