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Contents of Volume 4 Issue # 9

NEW PRODUCTStreamlight Introduces Line of L.E. Gun Mounts Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTJ.B.M. Distribution Introduces new 76/45 Submachine Gun Choat, Chris12
NEW PRODUCTSpringfield Armory's New Integral Locking System Choat, Chris13
NEW PRODUCTMil-Dot Scope Added To Bushnell Elite Riflescope Series Choat, Chris13
LEGAL COLUMNSOT Criteria Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNSwitchblade Knives Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNHK Full-Auto Trigger Packs Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNAbandon Machineguns Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNIndiana Handgun Permits Bardwell, James19
SHOW2000 Mid-Winter Albany MG Shoot Fogle, Vic29
AMMOThe Soviet 5.45x18 Cartridge Fortier, David34
CHATELLERAULT 24/29Indochine Machine Gun Kokalis, Peter40
INDOCHINEIndochine Machine Gun Kokalis, Peter40
SHOW2000 NDIA Small Arms Conference Bruce, Robert49
INDUSTRY PROFILE"SARCO, Inc." Hausman, Robert61
SUPPRESSORACC's Scarab .22 Silencer Paulson, Al66
REVIEWThe Official Soviet 7.62mm Handgun Manual Fortier, David70
REVIEWRock In A hard Place: The Browning Automatic Rifle Fortier, David70
REVIEW"1900 Luger, US Test Trails" Stuart, Stephen70
REVIEWPearl Harbor Cartledge, Rick72
P38The German P-38 Pistol Iannamico, Frank79
SWEDISH KSwedish K Sear Repair Mendenhall, Monty84
MUSEUMWar Memorial Museum of Virginia Hausman, Robert87
SUPPRESSORGemtech's .45 Caliber Pistol Suppressor Paulson, Al94
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