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Contents of Volume 5 Issue # 1

NEW PRODUCTWolf Performance Ammunition Introduces 40 S&W Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTBlack Hills Ammunition Now Offers New 9mm Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTPhoenix Arms Deluxe Rangemaster Target Kit Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTGG&G Fire System For the M-96 Expeditionary Rifle Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTNightstalker Tactical Light/Pistol Grip Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTNew Winchester Jacketed Hollow Point Pistol Loads Choat, Chris11
SHOOTThe Knob Creek Experience Mendenhall, Monty17
LEGAL COLUMNNFA Firearms Repair by Liscened Gunsmith Bardwell, James19
SHOOT"Knob Creek Shoot Spring, 2001" Cartledge, Rick27
SMGIndochine SMG Kokalis, Peter34
KGKKGK General Purpose Machine Gun Jones, Richard42
KNIFENorinco Ballistic Knife Shyne, Michael48
NORINCONorinco Ballistic Knife Shyne, Michael48
VICKERVickers Mark L Tripod Segel, Robert49
SPETSNAZRussian Convention of SPETSNAZ Shilin, Valery57
SMGThe Magnum Sten SMG Iannamico, Frank65
STENThe Magnum Sten SMG Iannamico, Frank65
MUSEUMFMLN Museum Kokalis, Peter69
SHOOTA Visitor's Guide to Knob Creek Fogle, Vic74
DIRECTORYCalss 3 Directory SAR Staff92
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