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Contents of Volume 5 Issue # 12

NEW PRODUCTTripower From Trijicon Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTCold Steel Introduces Their Sword Cane Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTColorful Firearm Finishes from Lauer Custom Weaponry Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTLeupold Mark 4 Close Quarter Tactical Scope Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTBarrett Firearms Plans to Import Israeli Made Tavor 21 Choat, Chris11
REVIEWOn the Road to Stalingrad Arten, Lee12
PPS43PPS43 vs M2 Carbine Mendenhall, Monty14
M2 CARBINEPPS43 vs M2 Carbine - Mendenhall, Monty14
PTRDPTRD & PTRS Anti-Tank Rifles Madurski, Chuck17
PTRSPTRD & PTRS Anti-Tank Rifles Madurski, Chuck17
REVIEWEnemy at the Gates Cartledge, Rick21
M44 CARBINEM38 & M44 Carbine Campbell, Bob26
M38M38 & M44 Carbine Campbell, Bob26
SHOOTKnob Creek Spring 2002 Kokalis, Peter29
PPS42Clash of the Titans Mendenhall, Monty36
PPS43Clash of the Titans Mendenhall, Monty36
BRENThe .308 Bren Kokalis, Peter49
STALINGRADGuns of Stalingrad Photo Album Bruce, Robert63
TOKAREVTokarev Pistol Campbell, Bob71
CHINAS WEAPONChina's New 5.8x24mm Weapons Comples Fortier, David73
PPD 1940Russian PPD 1940 Iannamico, Frank82
REVIEWWar of the Rats Cutshaw, Charles87
REVIEWKalashnikov Book Review Kokalis, Peter87
REVIEWFirearm Video Review Kokalis, Peter91
REVIEWHitler's Garands Cutshaw, Charles92
REVIEWStalingrad Fogle, Vic93
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