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Contents of Volume 5 Issue # 3

NEW PRODUCT"Armalite, Inc. Introduces New AR-180B Rifle" Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCT"New Second Generation Nightstalker So Smart"" Laser Sight" Choat, Chris10
NEW PRODUCTAR-15/M-16 Oversized Safety Selector Switch Choat, Chris11
NEW PRODUCTBlack Hills Ammunition Adds New .45 ACP Loading Choat, Chris11
REVIEWEye Deep In Hell Fogle, Vic13
REVIEWThe Social History of The Machine Gun Fogle, Vic14
LEGAL COLUMNATF Regulations on Firearms Markings Bardwell, James19
LEGAL COLUMNUZI Barrel Lengths Bardwell, James20
LEGAL COLUMNRuger 10/22 Folding Stock Bardwell, James21
LEGAL COLUMNNon-Firing Display Guns Bardwell, James22
TUBBTUBB 2000t Sniper Rifle Kokalis, Peter26
GEMTECHGemtech Viper Suppressor Paulson, Al33
SUPPRESSORGemtech Viper Suppressor Paulson, Al33
SHOOT2001 Oregon State MG Championship Fogle, Vic40
THOMPSONThompson SMG ID Guide - Part 2 Iannamico, Frank43
ACCESSORYNorgon Ambi-Catch Cutshaw, Charles47
GRENADEFrench Grenades Kokalis, Peter49
HKHK MP7 PDW Shea, Dan52
SHOWSAR Show 2001 Preview Zimba, Jeff59
RPDRPD - The Last Degtyarev Krott, Rob62
INTERVIEWInterview with Doug Melton Smith, Matt72
NICARAGUANNicaraguan Army Navel Weapons Montes, Julio82
FN FALThe FN-FAL Rifle Segel, Robert90
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