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Contents of Volume 5 Issue # 9

M1 GRANDWWII Style M1 Rifle Marksmanship Training Bruce, Robert19
BARThe BAR in Vietnam Ballou, Jim26
VIETNAMThe BAR in Vietnam Ballou, Jim26
SHOWThe NDIA 2001 Small Arms Conference Bruce, Robert29
FNsFN Sniper Rifle Kokalis, Peter40
VIETNAMTunnel Weapon Dockery, Kevin44
HK MG43HK MG43 Torture Test Shea, Dan49
MUSEUMFinnish Tank Museum Kokalis, Peter58
SHOW"Knob Creek, Fall 2001" Cartledge, Rick61
VIETNAMThe Hushpuppy Dockery, Kevin68
VIETNAMC-Rat Reflections Dockery, Kevin70
FN MAG 58FN MAG 58 Redux Kokalis, Peter73
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTIONFirearms & The Industrial Revolution Mendenhall, Monty87
BATFBreaking the BATF Form 4 Code Mendenhall, Monty92
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