Welcome to SMG Buddy.

SMG Buddy is a program created to manage the scoring,display and distribution of competitive shooting events. At a local submachine gun match I had noticed that after the shooting was done there was quite a bit of time spent adding up and checking the scores. I thought it would be nice to create something that would save the timekeepers some time and also serve to distribute the scores after the match. When completed SMG Buddy will be able to notify you of events and scores over email, web pages, cell phones or PDA's.

SMG buddy is database driven which means you can:
  1. View historical event information on any individual shooter, any event or even any event location. An example would be as a shooter you can see how your scores progress over time as you become a more proficient with your weapon and your technique.

  2. Have a centralized palce to save event stages and courses of fire. This will let event coordinators share stage specifics with other coordinators. Eventually you will be able to upload images and link video of stages you have designed and be able to see what others have done.

  3. Allow shooters to rate a course of fire after shooting it. This will provide valuable feedback for those who design the stages and give them an idea on how effective they are and how they can improve them.

  4. Distribute event notifications, results and news to competitors in html, email, or other electronic means or simply just printed out.

Initially SMG Buddy was designed with submachine gun (SMG) matches in mind but it should work for most competition types which involve a timed score. SMG Buddy is a work in progress so the looks, details and functionality will change over time. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or any other jibber jabber you want to share please email me.

How SMG Buddy works:

Coordinators: If you are an event coordinator, range officer, or person who will be designing the courses of fire or are responsible for recording stage times, you will need to register yourself as an event coordinator and the location the event is held at with the SMG Buddy.

Events: Once you login you can add, edit or delete an event. One coordinator can manage multiple events at multiple locations.

Stages: Once an event is created the coordinator can then define the stages which make up the event. On the stage editor you can define the types of targets which the shooter will encounter as well as the shooting positions the competitors will encounter (standing, kneeling, prone).

Shooters/Competitors: Competitors may sign up on their own and then register for an event.

Things left to do:
  1. Add ability for teamed events.
  2. Allow event coordinators to handle competitor registration for events.
  3. Add DNF flag to results